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Student Council Presidential Elections

The second week of September is traditionally the week senior students run for SC President.

“Seniors who have been in the school for at least one year, who have volunteered at the Student Council or been Student Council members for at least one year, have made two last consecutive Honor Rolls and are of a good report with both teachers and students, are eligible to run for Student Council President”.

(International School of Tomorrow Student Council Constitution and Bylaws, Article III, Section 2)

This year students from Senior 1 (Sania Malhotra), Senior 2 (Timur Nguyen), and Senior 3 (Le Chi Thanh Lam) fought for the honor and hard work of owning the title of the President. We are happy to announce that Le Chi Thanh Lam won the race and will be heading up the Student Council for the school year 2020/21, and both Timur and Sania, whose number of voters came very close, will hold the titles of Vice-Presidents.

The Executive, Events and Media, Labor, Education, and Sports committees of the SC have already been selected and started their work. Looking forward to hearing more news from them!