School of Tomorrow was founded in 1970 in Dallas, Texas, by Dr. Donald R. Howard, Ph.D & Dr. Esther Howard, and has since become one of the world’s leading providers of individualized curriculum with the net of more than 8,000 schools in 140 countries. The School of Tomorrow Program embraces individual approach, holistic teaching, the use of modern technology and the principle of content and language integrated learning (CLIL) which puts it on the cutting edge of today’s education.

The International School of Tomorrow was started in 1992 in Moscow to cater to the academic needs of the diplomatic community. From the very beginning the School has adhered to the principle of ensuring quality in academics, character building and spiritual growth. “Train up a child in the way he should go…” became the school motto.

Today the International School of Tomorrow offers its services to both Russian and international families from 35 countries of the world providing the best university-bound education. It all became possible with dedicated international staff, students’ leadership programs and parental involvement.

Over the years the International School of Tomorrow has proven its merit which is confirmed by the MSA-CESS accreditation.

The School’s almost 30-year history as well as the diversity and success of our alumni speak for themselves. Our school is a place where a student feels safe and respected, where he or she receives fundamental and developmental education in English, and in case of enrolling in both curriculums, in Russian as well, and has a chance to master all the skills needed to enroll in a good university and later have a successful career.

We reflect the world’s diversity and make our many languages and backgrounds work in harmony for the benefit of all. We take this skill with us wherever we go and it helps us change the world. We teach and study as one, yet we appreciate each other’s uniqueness. We learn in a classroom, but each student is given attention according to their ability and mapped our path of progress. When you join us, you become one with us, but you remain that special you.


Global Model Status rewards the organization’s key school in each area of the world for excellence in following the A.C.E. School of Tomorrow Procedures.

It is an honor to be recognized as a model for other schools and an encouragement to the staff showing that their efforts are successful in maintaining educational goals. One of the main benefits of obtaining Global Model Status is the privilege to participate in the Lighthouse Christian Academy’s Dual Enrollment program (offering accredited diplomas) since the school’s academic standards are met.

This International School is highly recommended by A.C.E.’s international office. Striving for Global Model Status means that top quality and excellence is continuously attained to ensure longevity of the program and have fruitful harvests of lives for educational and eternal benefits.


The International School of Tomorrow implements a number of policies regulating activities of the students during school hours. All policies are described in the Students and Parents Handbooks.

We prioritize the ISOT Child Protection Policy above the rest. It sets out common values, principles, and beliefs and describes the steps that will be taken to meet our commitment to protect children.

The ISOT Uniform Policy reflects our standards concerning the dress code and personal appearance of the students’ body and staff. Proper grooming is taught along with other rules of manners and morals, and the school supports the emphasis of its students in matters of modesty of dresses and hairstyles. Every student receives an ISOT Uniform Policy Handbook.

Our school implements an initiative that allows students to bring their own digital devices on campus for furthering the development of the 21st century skills. Teachers encourage application of digital devices for educational purposes during classes. It is imperative that students use those devices appropriately. With that in mind, in our school we have developed the ISOT Bring Your Own Device Policy.


The Trustees Committee is a form of self-management of the School organized by the Board of the Founders operating on the basis of the School by-laws and guidelines. It is an integral part of the school’s overall management process. Operations of the Trustees Committee are determined by the Basic Regulations for the Trustees Committee designed by the School Board of the Founders.
A group of dedicated parents acts as a link between the school management and the parents.
The Chairperson of the TC is chosen by means of the voting at the initial meeting of the TC Committee. Every TC member shall head a sub-committee whose members may include person(s) appointed from interested parents.
The TC members are chosen, on a voluntary basis, from interested parents by acting members of the Trustees Committee. By decision of the current and acting members of the TC, and subject to availability of vacancies, other members of the whole parent body that are interested in the improvement and further development of the school operations may be admitted into the TC.
The TC Fund is composed from the annual fees paid by each family regardless of the number of children enrolled in the school. Each family is responsible for paying its contribution to the TC Fund.
Once a year TC organizes a Parents Night or a Parent-Teacher Fellowship program.
The Parent-Teacher Fellowship is an informal meeting of parents, teachers and school administration. It is a platform where parents, teachers and administration meet for the overall progress and benefit of the school’s educational process.
Usually in June, TC organizes a School Picnic, which is a good opportunity for informal communication and a time of fellowship for staff, students, and the parents of the school.

Our Alumni Speak:

“I think the ISOT curriculum really helped me to manage and organize myself as an adult and professional”.

Emmy Nurmila Sjarijono
Class of 2003

Master in International Peace Studies
Gadjah Mada University, Indonesia

Counter-Trafficking Specialist at International
Organization for Migration