Student services

The International School of Tomorrow provides a number of services for the student body.


Every student receives two meals at school every day: breakfast and lunch. Students of each class take their meals in the school cafeteria according to the schedule approved at the beginning of the academic year. The school cooks prepare food on the basis of a 20-day menu. Students may choose meals from the menu. Meals include a balance of proteins, carbohydrates, and minerals. Every day students receive different kinds of fruit at breakfast. The list of dishes in the school menu is developed in accordance with the Russian Health Department Regulations. Parents cannot terminate the meals program for the child/children.
In addition to the regular meals, students can buy other refreshments in the school buffet.


The school provides transportation services for those families who apply for this service. To become a part of the program, parents need to fill in the “Application for Transport Service” and submit it to the school office. After that, the head driver makes a bus route that includes the exact time the bus picks up and drops off every student. Parents receive this schedule along with the bus driver’s contacts.
To terminate the transportation program, parents submit the “Application for Termination of Transport Services” to the school office.


The schools main responsibility is to provide a safe environment for the student body. The school ensures that students attend school in good health. It is the parents’ responsibility to inform the School Administration about any cases of contagious diseases.
A registered nurse is a staff member at the school. She works according to the job description and school rules. She is available to assist the students during the entire school day. The medical room has all the necessary equipment to provide first aid when necessary.
In case of minor or major injuries, students should immediately visit the nurse’s room. Teachers are to report any cases related to the health of students to the school nurse. Parents are immediately informed about any injuries.


Security guards hired by a specialized licensed security company supervise the school facilities 24/7. They circle and inspect the territory regularly. The security company senior officers monitor the guards’ quality of provided services on a regular basis.
Written policies for the access to and use of the school site and facilities by individuals or groups are in place and maintained. There is a special alarm system to inform the police or fire department in case of an emergency.

Our Alumni Speak:

“At ISOT I learned how to understand and build effective interactions with different people”.

Mina Nguyen
Class of 2016


Pirogov Russian National Research
Medical University