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Traditional event at the International School of Tomorrow is a Fall Educators Convention which unites teachers and administrators from many cities and countries in an effort to raise their professional standard and learn from each other and the prominent conference speakers.

This year on October 27-29 the topic “Efficacy of Educational Tools in Times of Uncertainty” was discussed virtually by over 100 attendees from Kazakhstan, Estonia, Belarus, and many Russian cities reaching as far as Vladivostok who were able to join the three tracks of lectures and 22 speakers representing the USA, South Africa, Canada and all of Asia.

As all of the participants strove to “Seize the Day!” (the slogan of the convention), twenty-three hours of sessions from four continents and a Panel Discussion involving school leaders and regular teachers made this event one of a kind.

We hope to see each other again soon virtually or in person at the Regional Student Convention 2020/21 — do not miss the news and soundbites from this grand event!