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Every year the first event that the newly elected Student Council prepares, is the same: the most important day for the relationship of teachers and students — International Teacher’s Day.

This complex project of fundraising, preparing gifts, writing the script and rehearsing the show has become even more tangled this year with the need for social distancing and COVID19 protection rules.

But the students came up with all sorts of ideas for the celebration which aired live to all the classrooms where the teachers and students could watch it. With the International Doctor’s Day and Teacher’s Day coinciding this year, and the pandemic raging across the world, it seemed appropriate to choose a medical topic for the show — which the students did and had everyone roaring in laughter as they “took us” from one doctor to another at the “International Hospital of Tomorrow” all the while saying thanks for all that the teachers at the school do for them.

Customized masks with the most frequent phrase a teacher says were prepared as gifts. Love and laughter filled the air — something that every person needs most in order to overcome sickness and reduce stress.

Happy Teacher’s Day to all educators across the world! You are not just preparing the future — you are heading it up!