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The door opens quietly as students and their teachers enter the spacious, garland hall. They sit down at the tables — voices and rustles are heard and then suddenly … music. Everyone is quiet in anticipation and it all begins. Here it is, what everyone has gathered for — The Miracle. Favorite teachers appear on the stage, happily singing a Christmas melody, inviting the audience to spend the evening in the cozy atmosphere and have fun properly. They succeed – funny scenes, dance numbers, quizzes, a magical battle of mathematicians – all of this causing happy smiles from the first few seconds, but more often, ringing laughter, carried off somewhere far far away, making you forget your troubles and sincerely rejoice in simple things. But, do you know what is more important? On that very day, completely different people gathered in that very same hall to celebrate Christmas and the New Year — exchange gifts, really get closer and express their love for each other. The Christmas and New Year’s holidays are a time of love, right?
That’s right, this Christmas program was held by the students of the International School of Tomorrow in a special way. This Christmas program is unlikely to be forgotten and the memory of it will warm the soul every time it is remembered.