News and events


In the middle of November, as the snow began to fall, a week of open lessons took place at the school. During the open lessons, teachers and representatives of the administration were able to visit and observe the course of lessons themselves. This week allowed the teachers to get to know their colleagues better. Teachers seemed to become like children – students again, as they listened attentively, joined in and became part of the lessons. They also watched with interest at their colleague’s willingness to answer with a level of knowledge in areas different than their own. For the students themselves, it was also a new and somewhat unusual experience. It is not so easy to learn when you are being watched from the outside. Nevertheless, both our teachers and our students were able to overcome a slight awkwardness and, as always, have a great time in class – gaining not only new knowledge, but also new experiences!
The yearly tradition of open lessons will be continuing as an important part of school life.