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ISOT does everything possible to diversify our school days and enrich them with unforgettable experiences. One of these educational and entertaining projects is the Regional Student Convention. For about three years we have been holding the RSC online, due to the difficult epidemiological situation in the country. But, this does not prevent us from demonstrating our skills and mastering our abilities in various fields, performing in sports and academics and presenting creative nominations.
Medals earned through long training and rehearsals undoubtedly bring great joy to each participant. For many, these medals were the first received in their lives and charged them with confidence and the motivation to move on.
The Regional Student Convention is once again resuming this year. It will be held at the end of March in one of the most beautiful cities in the golden ring of Russia – in Suzdal.
We still think that the main value of such an event as the Distance Regional Student convention lies precisely in what emotions it makes us experience from the participation along – how it gives us unforgettable impressions and leaves us in anticipation of a face-to-face event!