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This week, the graduates of our school overcame one of the most exciting challenges of high school, something they had been preparing for over the last two years – the defense of their Final Project and /TED talks.

What is a Final Project? To begin with, the student needs to think carefully and decide on a topic that is of real interest to them. The graduate works on the project for a semester.

Before the defense, the student’s work should include a presentation that consists of photographs, text and the result of surveys that were conducted among the other students.

After the presentation, the graduate should be ready to answer the questions of the judges on the topics of his project.

The second type of graduation work is the TED talk. A graduate who has chosen a TED talk opens up a lot of opportunities. The TED talk implies and in-depth point of view into a specific aspect (maybe a specific problem), built on the basis of one’s own experience. In essence – their reasoning on an exciting question. For many, a TED talk is a chance to be heard, a chance to reach out to the world, a turning of the soul inside out.

A lot of patience and sleepless nights are spent working hard … and they are bearing fruit. All our students managed to overcome their nervousness by confidently speaking in public, masterfully answering the judges’ questions and, in the end, defend their graduation work!