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ABC program ball

One of the most important requirements for joining the main school program is the ability to read. At the end of March, primary school students had successfully graduated from the ABCs’ with Ace and Christy program. In order to make this important event memorable for our young students, we decided to arrange a fun and informative holiday for them – namely, to invite our students to the magical, ancient and mysterious castle of Knowledge. Their parents also had the opportunity to observe the successes of their wonderful and talented children.

Legends say that this ancient castle carries many different tricky riddles. Our little princes and princesses had to go through four stations, which are related to reading, guessing a word by its definition, and folding words from letters. The most important rule is to use all the knowledge that has been given during their studies. Thanks to well-coordinated teamwork, the students were able to open a magic treasure chest and leave the castle with gifts and wonderful emotions.