News and events

The 2022 Regional Student Convention celebrated it’s 25 year anniversary this year and it has really caused our students to experience and think about a lot of things. It became the first face-to-face Convention in recent years, reminding all of us how much we loved this wonderful event all the previous times, when many of the participants of the current RSC were much younger. Despite the fact that many of our students have matured a lot and some things no longer feel the same as before, this Convention has given them confidence in their abilities and helped them overcome their fears. Despite all the circumstances, this year the representatives of schools from Vladimir and Ekaterinburg attended this wonderful event, and we were delighted to see and receive them as our guests. This Convention encouraged students to have real, strong friendships, to make new and interesting acquaintances, and to strengthen ties with old friends. RSC 2022 taught us to smile at changes and gave us unforgettable impressions and emotions.