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Science week is back!

After ten long years we were recently able to celebrate Science Week again! The week started with an opening rally that excited the students and reminded them that life is full of opportunities to use the Scientific Method to explore the world around them. Junior level students first opportunity was a field trip to The Experimentanium where they had a hands on day of scientific exploration with sound waves, instruments, water and bubbles.

Throughout the week many experiments were presented to the Primary Learning Centers with many oohs and ahs. On Monday the students were challenged to create a future device that would make life easier. This task was taken on with great enthusiasm and the closing rally was presented with gadgets for housework, cooking, counting merits and even an electro-magnetic box to charge phones, etc.

It was a successful week of watching the excitement of science kindle in our students. Thank you to all teachers and staff that made this week happen. We are all looking forward to next years Science Week!