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Graduation 2022

At the end of last week, the graduation ceremony took place — one of the brightest and most long-awaited events of the year. Graduates of the ninth grade receiving their first certificate, their first document on education, felt a little more mature. And the eleventh graders said goodbye to school life forever.

It must be sad to realize how imperceptibly we are absorbed by a series of deadlines, Olympiads, and exams. How quickly time flies. How unexpectedly what we call «adult life» approaches and how responsibility comes to replace carefree fun.

It’s sad, because school is not just about studying. School is the very change for which you and your friends learn a paragraph, are afraid of a difficult test and naively repeat the summary. School is the same bus ride during which you laugh at jokes together. School is the moment when you shake from the words: «The State Exam is just one of life’s trials …», and the moment when you walk out of the classroom with relief, knowing that everything is behind you. School is your first failure, your first victory and perhaps your first love. School is your classmates, friends, and your favorite teachers. Yes, it’s sad. Undoubtedly sad. But nothing in the world stands still, which means it’s time to reach out to change and confidently step into the unknown. Oh, it’s so good that I still have two whole years ahead of me!