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On September 1st, we collected a whole field of well rested students that were ready to study! 

We lined up by classes that day and finally saw our teachers. We sang exciting songs, applauded and rejoiced together. «Always Rejoice» became the theme of this academic year! 

Our smaller students, fascinated by this wonderful day, have not yet imagined what amazing emotions and unforgettable impressions are awaiting them in the future. 

As it was sung in one famous cartoon: «it is time for the leaves to fall, and we need to move on» and so, although the summer has passed, my task is to enjoy every minute of this «dark and
dreary season». 

I love ISOT and everything that is connected with it. I absolutely love every moment that I have lived through with my classmates — and every joke that was told during the breaks. 

I encourage you to find light where it seems to be dark, I encourage you to love and protect each other, I encourage you to rejoice in every moment— to rejoice always. Let’s see what surprises the academic year 2022-2023 has prepared for us!

Liza Bahrami