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The week of National Flags and Costumes

«Friendship and brotherhood are better than wealth.»

The unity of people… one can talk a lot about it, but you need to feel it to get a better grasp of what it is.

The week of National Flags and Costumes at the School of Tomorrow is a whole week in itself. A small world, in which there is unity, friendship, and love. We wore national costumes which represented different countries. To add to the fun, the children entered our small school’s multinational world with many traditions that aroused genuine interest.

When it comes to national houses and food, there is nothing but comfort and warmth. We plunged into the atmosphere of good old traditions and endless children’s smiles. You should have seen the children’s delight when they talked about their countries and traditions, as they remembered more and more details.

The learning centers, like bright mosaics of a particular country, fascinated the students, and they were happy to «collect» these mosaics of facts and interesting details about the countries they were studying. Nigeria, Israel, Egypt, China, Brazil, Korea, Russia, etc. You can’t imagine how many countries our travelers managed to explore in 5 days. Our teachers and administration approached the national week with even greater enthusiasm. Quests, games, dances, songs, and different national costumes accompanied the process of exploring countries every day of the event. But, the most important thing was the conclusion that the children were able to draw at the end of our journey through the national dwellings. The whole school agreed that there is no home without love!

A very important detail of this event is that we revived the cultures of all our nations, helped children be true representatives of their countries, and be proud of where they were born and who they are.

It was priceless! This is what they will remember the school for.