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Mother’s day celebration

March 8 is a special event for the International School of Tomorrow, because it is a celebration for the most important people — our beloved mothers and grandmothers.

This time, in accordance with the theme of the year, the concert was dedicated to books and fairy tales. A fabulous atmosphere truly reigned in the assembly hall. A real musical unfolded on stage, consisting of bright and creative performances. Students performed hits from famous film adaptations of fairy tales and works: Alice in Wonderland, The Little Mermaid, Pirates of the Caribbean, Aladdin and others.

The climax of the concert was the performance of the school choir with the composition “When you believe,” for which the students even had to learn to sing in a new language — Ancient Hebrew! In parallel with the concert, right in the auditorium, art teacher Zhanna Gorobchenko organized art therapy for mothers and grandmothers, during which everyone was able to design their own decorative book using the decoupage technique. Elegant gentlemen from the school council treated the guests to tea and coffee. At the end of the concert, each child congratulated his mother and presented her with a handmade gift.

And all this is just another way to tell you how much we appreciate and love you, our precious mothers and grandmothers!