Educational field trips


We believe that knowledge needs to be obtained from multiple sources, and Moscow offers many opportunities to do so. We take our students on excursions and field trips, as well as to workshops and seminars to give them exposure to as many educational opportunities as possible.

Fun excursions are a big part of the program as well: skating, swimming, bowling, and laser tag are tremendous team building activities, and we offer a variety of such activities to our students throughout the year. The fee for all in-Moscow ones is included in tuition or covered by the Trustees’ Committee Fund.


For Student Council team building experience quite a few students and teachers have gone to the city of Nizhniy Novgorod on a few occasions where we participate in and help organize festivals for the Piano Theatre (it is a boarding school for deaf children where they also learn to perform). These trips are not only fun, they also raise awareness and help train empathy. This initiative is part of our WE CARE Charity program.


Students that excel in studies and school activities get a chance to participate in events and trips organized with our partners: TED-Ed LLC., Education First Global Leadership Summits, Global Ambassador.

These trips are a tremendous opportunity for our students not only to see the world, but also to explore its many opportunities alongside their peers from other countries.

These experiences are one of a kind and open our students’ eyes to the many opportunities the world has to offer, as well as help them believe that many doors are open for them and they can achieve whatever they set their mind to.


Our most recent trips included a participation in the Global Leadership Forum in Davos, Switzerland, where 5 of our students joined 1,500 teenagers from other countries and learned from amazing speakers: Anna Curry, Kai Kight, and Clint Smith, as well as created different prototypes for challenging communication problems.


A trip to Berlin, Germany, was designed to teach the students how to organize their outings and navigate the city. Each day included an educational and a fun excursion of the students’ choice that they had picked, planned for, and organized themselves with the supervision of the chaperone. We call this experience “City Boss”.


In February 2020 six students and two TED-ED CLub leaders went to the USA to attend the TED-Ed Weekend at the TED LLC Headquarters in New York, where one of our students gave a Student Talk and five others attended workshops on climate crisis hosted by TED’s head Christopher Anderson. After the Weekend the team moved to Boston to have a “Harvard Experience” where they toured the university campus, participated in a seminar by Kate Rennebohm, Ph.D., and met with the admissions committee and Academic Coach Sade Abraham M.Ed.